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Selasa, 29 Mei 2012


Mungkin sebagian dari Anda sudah ada yang mengenal Artis Sex dari Jepang yang satu ini. Namanya SORA AOI. Di Indonesia Artis ini pernah ikut membintangi Film Suster Keramas 2. Berikut Kami tampilkan Foto-Foto HOT milik SORA AOI. Selamat Menikmati !!!

Senin, 21 Mei 2012

Sunshine Highway (2007)

Starring: Marco Banderas, Jerry and Kimberly Kane Genre : All Sex, DVDRip Resolution: 512x288 Format : RMVB | Runtime: 01:33:26 Size : 303 MiB Credit/source From


Title : Nude (2010) Genre : Adult |Biography|Nudity | Size : 390 MB Release : September 18, 2010 Language: Japan | MKV |

Hustler's Taboo 6

Title : Hustler's Taboo 6 2006 DVDRip
size: 700 MB
Info : -
Genre : Adult | 18+
Stars: Anna Nova, Cherokee, Harmony, Nikki Nievez, Shy Love, Sophia, Alex Sanders, Franco Del Toro, Jack Lawrence, Jerry, Talon, Van Damage
Quality : DVDRip

Marriage Clinic: Love and War

Movie Synopsis
Marriage Clinic: Love and War is the movie that tell about a housewife who becomes rebellious of her previous homely lifestyle and decides to have many love scandals.

Movie Info

Title............. : Marriage Clinic: Love and War DVDRip
Director......... : Ki-won Kwak
Writer........... :
Ki-won Kwak
Genre............ : Drama | Romance | Adult
Release.......... : 25 September 2008

Scooby Doo A XXX Parody

After another long night of partying, Shaggy wakes to find that he is all alone? Where's Scooby? The gang gets all riled up when they discover that their favorite canine detective has gone missing. Well, there is no mystery that this group can't solve, but can they do it without their lovable cohort? One mystery uncovers another as they find themselves locked in a game of cat and mouse with a fiendish ghoul. Things get even more complicated now that Daphne and Fred are a couple, and Velma suddenly decides to release her inhibitions.

Penthouse Elephant

Movie Synopsis
Penthouse Elephant is the movie that tell of a freelance photographer Hyun-woo seems to live an enviable life with a successful career. But his inside is torn apart from the sorrow of being deserted by his ex-girlfriend Mari. He even gets unclear about what’s really happening in reality and what’s delusion. One of Hyun-woo’s friend and a riding-high plastic surgeon, Min-seok is married to Soo-yeon, a sister of Hyun-woo. But he is always having affairs with the girls around him and doubts himself if he’s addicted to sex. Jin-hyuk, their longtime friend, is a financing specialist. And he is having a secret affair with Min-seok’s wife. He is willing to leave everything behind for the love.

Selasa, 15 Mei 2012

Daring - Chic Sex

Title : Daring - Chic Sex (2011)
Genre : Europe |General | Lesbian |
Releasse: May 2011
Cast : Tiffany Kingston, Johnny XL, Loz Lorrimar, Andy Mann, Pascal White, Megan Coxxx, Peter Oh Tool, Valentina Cruz, Kai Taylor
Size : 176 MB
Format : MP4
Resolution: 320x240
Duration: 01:30:29

Tokyo Hot- Rio Shibuya

Title : Tokyo Hot #535 (Rio Shibuya)
Genre : +21 |Asian |Japan |
Releasse: 2010
Format : FLV
Size : 312MB
Resolution: 528x304
Duration: 01:32:13

This Ain't Robin Hood A XXX Parody

Released : Juni 9, 2010
Studio : Cherry Boxxx
Category : Feature, Parodies
Cast : Bob Martin, Brittany Morgan, Buck O Rogers, Damian Cashmere, David Christopher, Jace Rocker, Jessica Wilde, Josey Duvall, Rick Savage, Scott Baker, Trixie
Resolution: 352x240
Size : 298 MB
Runtime : 01:28:11

Phuying Lalla

Size : 394MB
Release : 2012
Category: Feature, Asian, Thailand
Quality : DVDRip
Runtime : 01:27:25
Resolution: 1280x720

Sabtu, 12 Mei 2012


Foto ini adalah seorang Mahasiswi disalah satu kota di Indonesia yang mirip dengan DERA IDOL. Dia berani tampil bugil. Tapi ini bukan DERA IDOL yang ada di INDONESIA IDOL lho !!!
Selamat Menikmati !!!


Judul      : LINGERIE SEASON 2

Episodes : 13 episodes

Year       : 2009

Thrailler :

MIKU SATOH The Girl With 3 Breasts

Title        : Miku Satoh - Three Breasts Girl 2010
Format    : MP4
Size        : 325 MB
Duration  : 1h 40 mins
Resolution: 640 x 416 pixels
Genre      : Jav | Hardcore | Censored 


Judul      : LINGERIE SEASON 1

Episodes : 8 episodes

Year       : 2009

Kamis, 10 Mei 2012

Red Vacance Black Wedding (2011)

Movie Synopsis
Red Vacance Black Wedding aka (Bul-eun ba-kang-seu geom-eun we-ding) is the movie that tells of a young woman and a married middle-aged man have been involved in an affair for 6 years. They plan to go on a vacation, but the man’s wife learns of their affair and takes her husband to a remote place. There the wife asks the husband about his affair. As the husband explains his affair, the wife becomes angrier. The wife is about to burn her husband. Meanwhile, the young woman who was involved in the affair receives a text message from the married man. The young woman goes to meet him, but the text message was actually sent by his wife. All three persons then meet at a vacation home.


English Review
Naughty secrets and perverted play rule when sexy stripper Selena Rose blows into town. She comes to visit her handsome cousin Manuel Ferrara who’s got a hot, horny girl in his bed every night. But this seemingly innocent girl lives a wild life and has some twisted secrets, and is ready to get it on with some of her cousin’s sexy friends like James Deen and Erik Everhard. Beautiful, lusty girls Gracie Glam and London Keyes spread wide, wanting to please these hung studs with a desparate passion, but when Manuel’s roommate stumbles across Selena in a forbidden situation, things get hot and nasty.

Rabu, 09 Mei 2012

FUTARI ECCHI THE MOVIE 2: Second Kiss (2012)

English Review
Second live action film based on the hit erotic manga "Futari Ecchi" comes out on DVD. Stars Yuri Morishita again. Kirara Asuka and Momoko Tani also appear. This bestselling series is most famous for being a how-to guide combined into a story. It centers on newlywed couple, both virgins when they married and depicts their sexual explorations.

SHAME (2011)

English Review
Brandon is a 30-something man living in New York who is unable to manage his sex life. After his wayward younger sister moves into his apartment, Brandon's world spirals out of control. From director Steve McQueen (Hunger), Shame is a compelling and timely examination of the nature of need, how we live our lives and the experiences that shape us.


Berikut Gambar-Gambar Sexy dan Hot beberapa Gadis Cantik dan diantaranya adalah Selebritis. Selamat Menikmati !!!

Selasa, 08 Mei 2012

Seroks (Life Is A Photocopy) - Philippines movie

To fill the vacuum, I give you one of the hot Philippines film , you may be interested and like it.
Story : For Lito, (Neil Ryan Sese) his existence has always been dull and repetitive. Breaking his neck everyday as a photocopy machine operator in a dingy Recto copyshop, Lito is slowly losing his apetite for life. But everything dramatically changes when the mysterious and alluring Mina (Juliana Palermo) suddenly moves into the boarding house just above Lito's shop. With just one fateful encounter with Mina, Lito's life rapidly spirals from total bliss, suspicion, betrayal, desperation and towards- murder. Seroks is a must see, one of a kind suspense movie that redefines the notions of Pinoy classic thriller. While trying to cozy up to the sexy and mysterious Mina (Juliana Palermo), who recently moved into the boardinghouse above his shop, unlucky Xerox operator Lito (Neil Ryan Sese) is unwittingly placing his life in grave danger. A tense psychological thriller full of passion and betrayal, this Filipino film deftly explores the theme of duplication, utilizing recurring patterns and elements throughout.

Selena Rose: Prom 2011

Title : Selena Rose: Prom 2011 DVDRip
size: 700 MB
Info : -
Genre : Adult | 18+
Stars: Selena Rose
Quality : DVDRip

Medi Maidroid vs Hostroid Gundan 2010

Title : Medi Maidroid vs Hostroid Gundan 2010 DVDRip
size : 700 MB
Info : -
Genre : Adult, Sci Fi
Stars: Aaami, Akiho Yoshizawa, Daisuke Haraguchi
Quality : DVDRip

Don't Look Down (2008)

Movie Synopsis
Don't Look Down aka No mires para abajo is the movie that uses sex and love as a springboard for an exploration of bold philosophical ideas. Twenty-something Eloy (Leandro Stivelman) has a gift for walking on stilts that her inherited from his father, but while Dad tried to use this talent for creative purposes, Eloy has made a career out of his skill, wandering the city dressed as a high-rise sandwich to promote a diner. One day, a stumble causes Eloy to crash through a ceiling window into the bedroom of Elvira (Antonella Costa), an attractive older woman. Both Elvira and her mother (Maria Elena Ruaz) are convinced that a greater destiny has brought Eloy into her life, and she takes the young man under her wing. Eloy loves women and is delighted when Elvira expresses a powerfully sexual interest in him, but she's a student of tantric sex techniques, and as she opens his eyes to the possibilities of lovemaking, he's introduced to new worlds of eroticism that allow him to leave his body and travel through time and space. No Mires Para Abajo (aka Don't Look Down) received its North American premiere at the 2008 Guadalajara Film Festival

Senin, 07 Mei 2012

Hi, Fidelity (2011) - Hong Kong Movie

Movie Synopsis
Hi, Fidelity aka Cheut gwai dik nui yan is the movie that tells story of a rich middle-aged housewife discovers that her husband has been cheating on her she goes out with two friends to a male brothel in mainland China. There she meets male gigolo Bill. Her friend also has an eye for Bill.

Penampilan Pertama Scarlett Johansson dalam "The Avengers"

Berikut adalah tampilan eksklusif pertama Scarlett Johansson di film blockbuster mendatang "The Avengers".

Scarlett pada awalnya dijadwalkan untuk memainkan peran "Black Widow", tetapi produsen segera menyadari bahwa karakter Black Widow adalah "bodoh". Jadi Scarlett Johansson sekarang akan memainkan superhero baru membayangkan disebut "McTits Chesty".

Playboy: Prime Time Playmates Video (2002)

Playboy: Prime Time Playmates Video (2002) Review
You see them on some of the biggest, highestrated shows on Prime Time TV"Fear Factor,""The WeakestLink,""The Price Is Right," "Fox Sports Net," "Son of the Beach" and"VIP"-- but only Playboy shows them like this! It's the stuff the Networks can't air. Tune in towatch 19 of the hottest, sexiest,
spiciest Prime Time Playmates in the collection that shows it all.


Berikut foto Model Panas China yang saat ini sedang hangat diperbincangkan di Negeri Tirai Bambu. Model tersebut bernama GAN LULU. Selamat Menikmati !!!


Berikut Foto Model Panas China BING YI. Selamat Menikmati !!!


Berikut foto Model Panas China yang bernama BU WA WA. Selamat Menikmati !!!


Berikut Foto Model Panas China yang bernama EVA CAI. Selamat Menikmati !!!


Berikut Foto Model Panas dari China yang bernama HUANG WAN TING (NICOLE HUANG. Selamat Menikmati !!!


Berikut Foto Model Panas China yang bernama LI ZI (CHESNUT). Selamat Menikmati !!!

Minggu, 06 Mei 2012


Berikut Foto Model Panas China yang bernama CHEN NI ( CHANEY CHEN). Selamat Menikmati !!!


Berikut Foto Model Panas China YI YI. Silahkan Menikmati !!!


Berikut Foto Model China LI YUAN ZING. Silahkan Menikmati !!!


Pengen ngeliat Foto Model Cina yang satu ini ??? Namanya HAN ZI XUAN.
Selamat Menikmati !!!

Sabtu, 05 Mei 2012

RETAKE (2006)

Retake is one of favorite erotic hindi movie. Very romantic and Erotic. This movie starring by popular bollywood actress and actor so you'll never regret to spend your time to download and watch it.


Movie Synopsis
A Matador's Mistress film starts in the trip from Sevilla to Linares, where Manolete stops in Córdoba to see his mother. He will be remembering some passages of his life.

INVITATION ONLY (2009) Taiwan Film

Movie synopsis
Five young friends are invited to a party addressed to them by mistake, organized by rich and famous people. Inside the party one wishing game is held, where their deepest desires materialize. But when one of the participants is brutally killed, the wishing game turns into a killing game in which they become the tortured victims and the rich audience as spectators. To escape from the party and survive is now their only hope…


English Review
Scott is always bouncing from one get-rich-quick scheme to the next, while his roommate, Jay, is trying to break into the film business. Every month is a struggle to pay the rent, that is, until Jay lands a job working on an adult film. When Scott realizes how much money can be made, he convinces Jay that they should make an adult film of their own. Casting is the first order of business, and soon there is a revolving door of beautiful women waiting to see them. They are having the time of their 

SIREN X (2008) - Japan Movie

Movie Synopsis
Siren X is the adult japan movie who telss the story starts during an outdoor scene of a porn film. The crew undergoes strange things during the filming. They met a beautiful and attractive lady who sings to tempt men. She wants her sexual desires satisfied, but it all leads to a tragic ending.

Women Of Fear Factor 2005

Women Of Fear Factor (2005) Review
When reality TV turned into a sensation, it became inevitable that Playboy would pursue magazine pictorials connected to the genre. Actually, they’ve knocked out a few spreads based on those shows, and we’ve also gotten one earlier DVD sensibly called Girls of Reality TV. This was a general program, however, that included women from a mix of different shows like The Real World and Road Rules. They go for a more specific emphasis with The Women of Fear Factor.